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Kingdom of Ocelandia
Royal Family

Type of Government 

The Kingdom of Ocelandia is a monarchy.  The head of the monarchy is HRH King Michael I, a descendant of King Poseidon and King Neptune. Day to day activities are overseen by the Prime Minister, Sir Gregrey Rich.

Royal Family

The Royal Family of the Kingdom of Ocelandia spans all territories of this  planet and other planets and space that are under the direct rule of Ocelandia and its Government.

Royal Family and Entitlements

King Michael I

Queen Lori

Crown Prince Hardie

Prince Joseph

Princess Laura

Princess Emily

Prince Michael

Princess Madilyn

Princess Stephanie

Prince Tyler

Mermaid Queen Tabitha

Count Nicholas

Count Anthony

Princess Angela, Princess of Scilabicia

Princess Jenifer, Princess of Akbaron

Princess Lindsey, Princess of Mintobieca

Princess Betsy

Princess Emma

Princess Haley

Princess Faith

Princess Tina, Princess of Carribea, Governess of the Carribean Sea and the Virgin Islands

Princess Ashleigh, Princess of Anceria

Princess Tiffany, Princess of Belcitia

Lord Brian, Lord of Parmisia

Princess Angie

Princess Brittany

Princess Abigail

Princess Jennifer

Princess Claire, Princess of Lambrea

Princess Brea, Princess of Pejodocus

Princess Sloane

Duke Campbell

Princess Abbey

Prince Colin Parker

Prince Chris Hill

Prince Brian Parker

Prince Bruce Pruitte

Prince Terry Pruitt

Lord Jeffrey

Lord William

Baron John Mark

Baron Adam

Lord Lee

Lord David

Duke Braden

Princess Makayla

Princess Angel, Princess of Torralia

Baron Ron

Baroness Dixie

Lord Charles

Lady Leslie

Countess Jill

Count Darrell

Countess Brandi

Countess Lila Charlotte Holdenreid

Count Robert Holdenreid

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